Lack of guidance or consistency in systematic overview / umbrella / review of systematic reviews

Systematic reviews of systematic reviews vary greatly in their reporting and methodology as there are no dedicated reporting or methodological guidelines.

Articles that support this problem:

Systematic review finds overlapping reviews were not mentioned in every other overview

2014 : Journal of clinical epidemiology

Risk of bias in overviews of reviews: a scoping review of methodological guidance and fourā€item checklist

2017 : Research synthesis methods

Overview authors rarely defined systematic reviews that are included in their overviews

2019 : Journal of clinical epidemiology

Identifying approaches for assessing methodological and reporting quality of systematic reviews: a descriptive study

2017 : Systematic reviews

Systematic review adherence to methodological or reporting quality

2017 : Systematic reviews

Overviews of reviews often have limited rigor: a systematic review

2012 : Journal of clinical epidemiology

A review found heterogeneous approaches and insufficient reporting in overviews on adverse events

2022 : Journal of clinical epidemiology