Cochrane systematic reviews of interventions for risk factors correlate weakly with global risk factor burden: a cross-sectional study

Ref ID 618
First Author D. J. Roberts
Year Of Publishing 2018
Keywords Cochrane
General medical
Problem(s) Review question not justified / important
Weaknesses identified in some Cochrane reviews
Number of systematic reviews included 400
Summary of Findings Risk factors were an outcome a total of 965 times. These factors correlated weakly with global disease burden in disability-adjusted life years (r = 0.45) for all risk factors, but was high (r = 0.83) for metabolic risks, similar for behavioural risks (r = 0.46), and weak negative for occupational and environmental risks (r = 0.40).
Did the article find that the problem(s) led to qualitative changes in interpretation of the results? Not Applicable
Are the methods of the article described in enough detail to replicate the study? Yes