Mind-body exercises for osteoarthritis: an overview of systematic reviews including 32 meta-analyses

Ref ID 861
First Author M. de-la-Casa-Almeida
Year Of Publishing 2023
URL https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/09638288.2023.2203951
Keywords Protocols
Complimentary & Alternative
Low methodological quality
Problem(s) Conflicts of interest or funding of included studies not assessed
Low methodological (AMSTAR) quality
No registered or published protocol
Lack of prespecification in eligibility criteria
Interpreted without considering certainty or overall quality of the evidence base
Number of systematic reviews included 13
Summary of Findings From 13 included systematic reviews of the effectiveness of mind-body exercises indexed CINAHL, Embase, PsycINFO, PubMed, SPORTDiscus, and the Cochrane Library from inception up to 20 June 2022. Using AMSTAR 2 to evaluate the included studies, no systematic reviews were judged to have high methodological quality. Two systematic reviews had low methodological quality, and most systematic reviews were judged to have very low quality. AMSTAR 2 items commonly unreported were associated with the review protocol (n = 12, 92%), the reasons to choose a specific research design (n = 13, 100%), and the provision of the sources of funding for primary studies (n = 13, 100%). Only three systematic reviews judged certainty of evidence using a gold standard for it.
Did the article find that the problem(s) led to qualitative changes in interpretation of the results? Not Applicable
Are the methods of the article described in enough detail to replicate the study? No