Weaknesses identified in some Cochrane reviews

Apparent adherence to guidelines, or attachment of guideline checklists, may not necessarily represent good practice in systematic reviews.

Articles that support this problem:

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Cochrane has not consistently followed the COPE guidelines

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Risk of bias judgments for random sequence generation in Cochrane systematic reviews were frequently not in line with Cochrane Handbook

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Risk of bias assessments for selective reporting were inadequate in the majority of Cochrane reviews

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In Cochrane reviews, risk of bias assessments for allocation concealment were frequently not in line with Cochrane's Handbook guidance

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Overall bias methods and their use in sensitivity analysis of Cochrane reviews were not consistent

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Risk of bias assessments for blinding of participants and personnel in Cochrane reviews were frequently inadequate

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Inter-review agreement of risk-of-bias judgments varied in Cochrane reviews

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Heterogeneity can impair the results of Cochrane meta‐analyses despite accordance with statistical guidelines

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